Talking A.I. Estimating with Deep Lawn's Founder & CEO, Joel Northrup

Some things in our indusrtry will never change, such as the need to mow the grass at a specific, optimal height depending on the time of year and conditions of the soil and weather. In a lot of ways, our industry hasn't changed; we see companies using the same Excel-based estimating system that was designed by a consultant twenty years ago. For the most part, there's nothing wrong with that. The math is the same, so why should the method change? Well, the time for this aspect of our industry to change may just be upon us.

Driven by technological advances in other industries and younger generations' expectations - and now all consumers for that matter - for instant gratification, our landscape and lawn care bids can't come soon enough. Joel Northrup, Founder and CEO of Deep Lawn, and his brother felt that desire and expectation first hand when operating their lawn care company, Lawn-Tek, in Marion, Iowa. They found themselves losing bids to competitors who were able to beat them to the bid. After selling Lawn-Tek, the brothers turned their focus to Deep Lawn in an effort to combat this problem and help other lawn care companies.

We interviewed Joel in the following 23 minute conversation. In it, Joel covers the backstory of why they started the company, how the product works, and what the future holds for Deep Lawn. Check it out and don't forget to subscribe!

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